Join Our Team

Join Our Team

At Cityikon, we are more than a repair company. We believe business is about connecting people, from our top-notch team members to our valued customers. We listen to our staff and are proud to be a company that’s open to employees’ suggestions. We want each member to feel pride and ownership in their company and position. Cityikon has a strong culture based around customer service, repairing things and having a little fun along the way.

Technician (FULL TIME)

As a technician, it is your job to stay up to speed on newly released and upcoming technology in the industry. This will ensure that your team is prepared to repair these devices when they arrive at your location for the first time. A technician should not only have the ability to repair any device that comes through the door, they should also be comfortable with cross training other employees.

Skill & Requirements – (Salary – To be negotiated based on experience and qualifications)

  1. High School Diploma and some college or technical training. You MUST have a resume in order to be considered, as we are looking to fill this position fairly quickly, Having a well laid out summary of your experience only helps when reviewing candidates.
  2. Proficient in soldering
  3. Experience with wide range of device repairs: Phones, Laptops, Gaming Systems
  4. Proficient with Microsoft Office and email communication
  5. Experience with a Point of Sale Systems and opening and closing procedures
  6. Good vision with or without corrective lenses/glasses
  7. Organization skills
  8. Ability to work independently and lead a team
  9. Knowledge of all available tools and equipment in the work area and how they are operated.
  10.  Ability to recognize trends in the repair industry
  11. Ability to cross-train other employees.
  12. Knowledge of parts suppliers and how to order and Inventory management and control
  13. Sales experience

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