VENTEV ChargePad+


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Key Features:

  1. Support 7.5w charging for Apple Devices.
  2. Support 10w charging for Samsung Devices.
  3. Slim Wireless Qi Pad.

ENGINEERED TECHNOLOGY: Ventev Qi Fast Wireless Chargepad is designed to rapidly charge your Qi Device anywhere, anytime! Ventev essential phone accessories are made with the highest quality. Charge two phones at once with the Chargepad+ duo. Designed to be easily transported and will fit right into your purse or backpack

WORKS WITH WIRELESS ENABLED DEVICES: Fully certified fast charge wireless charger works with Apple (7.5W) and Samsung (10W) devices. Bring your quality designed charge pad with you anywhere - great for office desks, or nightstand tables

UNIVERSAL FAST SPEED CHARGING: Works with most wireless-enabled devices so you can charge wireless and hands-free! Simply place your device - or devices - on the Ventev charge pad for the fastest and most convenient battery renewal

ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND PLACEMENT: The sleek Ventev wireless charging pad includes a 5ft power adapter. Ventev cables are Mfi certified to work with the most powerful chargers on the market making our products the safest and fastest charging for your device

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