Three- 5G Sim Card With £10 Credit

Three- 5G Sim Card With £10 Credit - Three

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Key Features:

  1. Trio Sim Card
  2. 5G Ready
  3. Allowance lasts up to 30 days
  4. SIM fits any unlocked 3G, 4G, and 5G phone
  5. Keep connected whilst traveling with Go Roam in over 70 destinations - up to 12GB

Please check the carrier's website for the latest data plans.

Three's Pay As You Go Trio SIM has all SIM types on one card, so whether you need a Standard, Micro, or Nano SIM, you can just pop out the one you need. Just pop this super simple Three data SIM straight into your unlocked 3G, 4G, or 5G device and you're good to go!

Use your data abroad at no extra cost.
Being charged to use your data abroad is not great. With Three you can use it abroad at no extra cost in many Go Roam destinations while on holiday. To check eligible countries, click here.

5G at no extra cost.
Paying extra for 5G sucks. That is why Three offers 5G at no extra cost. All you need is a 5G enabled device.


How to activate:

  1. Once you receive the sim card, contact us during our opening hours and provide us with the Serial number or phone number of the sim.
  2. Once we have the phone number/serial number, we'll activate the bundle in your account within our opening hours.
  3. Your bundle will last 30 days and if you want the same bundle for the following month, make sure you top-up the right amount before the next month. 
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