Earldom 3in1 USB-C Hub

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Earldom 3in1 USB-C Hub - Earldom

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  1. Interface - USB Type-C

  2. Ports - 3 x USB 3.0 F

  3. Material - Aluminium alloy

  4. Color -Gray

Easy to use: the earldom USB C hub is as portable as possible. Put this lightweight device in your pocket to take a business trip with your laptop, smartphone and notebook, or extend your desktop with more available USB peripherals. No need to install drivers, plug & play. 

Extremely durable: with a tested service life of over 10,000 bends, this adapter is much more reliable than others in its price range. A reinforced cable, a robust exterior and heat-resistant connectors give this hub incredible durability.

Wide range of applications: this USB C  hub is suitable for keyboard, mouse, mobile hard drive, card reader, USB drive, printer, USB sound card, U protection, smartphone, USB fan, hand-painted tablet, writing board and USB gamepad, USB mouse pad, USB hand warmer, etc.


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